Current Arizona law protects fire fighters and peace officers should they suffer from certain cancers, including: brain, bladder, rectal or colon cancer, lymphoma, leukemia or aden carcinoma or mesothelioma of the respiratory tract.

Arizona has not revised this statute in 15 years.

As the law is written, certain requirements must be met for a cancer to be covered: The firefighter or peace officer must have had a physical exam prior to employment, worked at least 5 years of hazardous duty, was exposed to known carcinogens, and is age 65 or younger. The presumption is nullified if the individual used tobacco products. The presumption applies to full‑time employees only.

We have a list of cancers we would like to add to the presumption list, including:

Multiple Myeloma; Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; Prostate; Testicular; Skin Cancer; Malignant Melanoma; Stomach; Buccal/Pharynx; Esophagus; Large Intestine; Kidney; Lung.

Currently, 33 states in the country have passed laws that presume certain cancers are job-related for fire fighters. 37 states have passed laws that presume cardiac disease is job-related for fire fighters, making them eligible for worker’s compensation and disability.

We hope the Arizona Legislature will protect those who protect us.