We all understand that working on the frontlines of public safety can be dangerous.

But there’s an epidemic attacking fire fighters that draws little attention.

These extremely fit men and women are dying young because of cancer and heart attacks – diseases caused by the dangers of the job.

A number of scientific studies have proven the link between the deadly smoke fire fighters breathe, high stress levels caused by the job and numerous forms of cancer and heart disease.

The men and women on Arizona’s frontlines need our help.

Arizona law currently presumes that a handful of fire fighter cancers are “occupational” in cause. But many forms of the disease – linked scientifically to the job – are not presumed to have been caused by work in the line of duty. No such presumptive link exists for the many fire fighters who suffer from potentially deadly cardiac afflictions.

This failure of Arizona law has left fire fighters and their families without the necessary insurance to get the treatment they need and bankrupt because of massive medical bills.

Already in 2017, Ohio became the 35th state in the country to create a fire fighter cancer law. Arizona’s law for cancer and cardiac presumption should be the most comprehensive legislation in the country – a model for the states near and far.

With your help, we can expand Arizona law to get our first responders the help they need and deserve. Please, help us protect those who protect our communities.

Get the facts and take action today.

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